My Family

I am the fifth child of five siblings consisting of two sons and three daughters. My name is Ade Kurniawan Student Poltek Harapan Brersama, a private campus in Tegal. This year I just went to college and was still 1 st semester.

I have a father, my father’s name is that he is the backbone of our family. Everyday my father works as a farmer in the rice fields. Father thought that he was very happy if all of his children could get a good education and be able to go to school as high as possible. Father’s classmates at the school where he taught, already have luxury cars and large houses. While father, still carrying the Honda motorcycle in 1998. He is very loyal to the motorbike, although I know, he can just buy a new motorbike. That’s how daddy, he better save his money for our school fees. He was afraid that if I needed a lot of money to go to school, he would not be able to pay it.

In line with father, mother also doesn’t matter if not bought new jewelry or clothes every year. Mother is always happy to be in our narrow house to take care of children rather than going to the mall to just drive around. He is a simple, intelligent woman. His education has made us, besides succeeding in the field of education, also good in morals. It’s my mother who taught us to be disciplined, not stingy to share food with friends, and respect parents. For mom, she feels much happier to find her children excel in academics and have a good ethic to get along with, rather than having abundant assets and using luxury cars every day. By the way, my mother’s name is Suritah. 😀

I have 3 married sisters. and when I have children, and I still have an unmarried sister, her name is Lina, she is still 23 years old, 5 years old with me who is still 18 years old, we live happily in our home.

1. How many brothers are you married?
2. what is the name of her sister who is not married yet?
3. Where do I go to college?
4. What properties does the mother have?
5. How is the situation at home?


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